bleh I feel bad. gonna binge draw the 15 comissions I owe after work and do em for free. I took way too long on them.

then after that finish the sequence I owe gill

and then after that who knows what X_X but I’ll figure out if there’s anything else

If you follow me on here and then you follow me on my non furry stuff and sites…

please STOP

Like I don’t want this furry shit to mix in with my other interests and to deal with the drama, because even when I do it on my own terms I just get burned for it and I’m so tired. I don’t need you all keeping tabs on me where ever I go and then reblogging all my shit to pass around amongst yourselves. I try to escape from this damn stupid fandom and I don’t want to deal with it 24/7.

Anyone I catch (after my workshift)  following me on other sites with their furry blogs and accounts is getting blocked on there and on FA from now on. I’m having a zero tolerance on this, because the things my “fur fans” do and then treat me and my work is giving me nothing but anxiety and I’m already on the verge of another breakdown and I’m just DONE with that bullshit.

The only people I’m giving a pass are the folks who are using general nonfurry accounts/not letting the fandom be their mask when they try to talk to me.

I’m still around

I’ve just become five nights at freddy’s trash is all. it’s kinda taking over my life. I’m not trying to avoid anyone or what I owe. I’ve just been super stressed and the fnaf fandom has just been an amazing place that’s really helped.

I’m still here though. Sorry.

When I mention to people that my fursona has bear blood (that is, one of his grandparents is a bear rather than a tiger), they assume that he is a hybrid. That’s not really the case. In terms of phenotype (outward appearance), he’s a tiger. While he’s certainly built in a manner that is thick and in round shapes, he’s still for all purposes a tiger, NOT a tigerbear. To me, a hybrid would have to be something that showed a heavy mix of the two, rather than a few features physically and mentally.

The decision behind that was made years on my own racial makeup and  the fact that all my felines 5 years ago looked like weird canine/feline/ursine hybrids (lol shit artist couldn’t draw a feline muzzle). I planned often to draw Rolly’s family a few years back at some point, but never got around to it. He’d be the only big one, lol.







They need to go after the camera man too, EVERY TIME. That’s when this dumb shit will stop. 

I want someone to beat the absolute fuck out of them.

What the fuck. It’s just a fucking pair if shoes. He bopped the damn shoes. Why they throwin fists over a fuckin boop. Maybe tell them to back the hell up and not try it again, but what the fuck.

"It’s just a fucking pair if shoes."

True but if I worked hard to make my money to buy myself a pair of shoes and your dumbass comes along and steps on them as a “joke” you gotdamn right I’m gonna be pissed about it.

"Maybe tell them to back the hell up and not try it again"

They purposely stepped on their shoes. Mind you, Jordans are not cheap. People take pride in what they wear. But ultimately it’s a matter of respect. These white kids are disrespectful.

These “_______ in the hood” videos are made to provoke black people into acting out for cheap laughs and youtube views. It gives white america a reason to laugh at us and call us animals. They make these videos to make us as a people look bad. 

They deserved every one of those licks.

Lemme word it like this: You are wearing something that’s expensive as fuck, but you are damn fucking proud of it. Maybe it’s pair of Jordans, maybe a new watch or a bracelet or some other form of jewelry. hell maybe it’s a tailor made suit. In any case this thing cost you a fuckton of money but goddamn it was worth it. You look fucking good in it. People who know what it is and share your tastes can turn their heads and nod in approval. 

Then sone punk takes notices of your nice new thing, and asks you about it, mostly about how much it set you back. 

And then they damaged it as joke. 

I am not a violent person, but I think i’d be tempted to take swing at the man who just asked me how much my three piece suit was then wasted no time spilling his slurpee on it. 

When I was in school there were rules about not fucking with your classmate’s property. Especially potentially expensive things like purses, hats, shoes, etc. I thought it was common decency to… I dunno… not try to fuck with people’s shit?

Suburban White people can laugh all they want at the reactions, but what if someone came and tossed your computer or smartphone out the window? Would you not be pissed? Even if it “just a joke”?